Victiv Review

sign up for victivVictiv is brand new, it became live in September and is run by Ruckus Gaming LLC who are based in Austin, TX. They are a team of designers, developers and thinkers who have the goal of providing the best fantasy sports site that they can, by pushing the technical boundaries wherever they can to provide the player the best experience possible. Their philosophy is never to accept something that is simply “good enough” and to focus on innovation to create an engaging experience. They appear to love doing this too – this is obviously their passion. They collaborate with the leading sports statistics site STATS and have a statistician on board from Wolfram Alpha to help them make the numbers work. They have been funded recently with $2.7 million and this has helped them move forward and grow the business.

Victiv’s Variety of Fantasy Football Games

Victiv runs a selection of the regular games you are likely to find in a fantasy sports site, Guaranteed, Standard, Double-Up, Head-to-Head and Satellite events. The Guaranteed games are where the payout is fixed no matter how many players join in before the start. The Standard contests are where you win more depending on where you place and these will have a fixed payout for a fixed number of positions. The Double-Up is where the top 50% of the contest all become winners and a fixed payout is given to each one. The Head-to-Head games can be simply a one-to-one where you know your opponent, to perhaps a Multientry type that you can enter any number of times for; in any case only the winner will be the one taking the prize. At times there can be Satellite games that allow the players to get onto the bigger contests.

One good feature of the Head-to-Head games is that they can be anonymous, not knowing who you are playing against until the contest is set, not only does it make the game interesting but it is also useful in preventing user targeting.

Their innovation also covers the salary of the players, being created using an algorithm to reflect true life and updated regularly.

Victiv Site Usability

The Victiv site has a refreshingly modern look and feel to it and this is indicative of having a technical team of designers behind the scenes to make it innovative. Registering with the site can be done via email or simply by clicking on Facebook or Google+. The Lobby although taking a second or two to load at first looks great and after presents the information instantly. It shows filters for the type of sport, the amount of buy-in minimum and maximum you want to see, and a selection of the size of number of players. Selecting the contest quickly displays all the information you are likely to need in selecting the right one for you. Clicking on any of the headings in the Lobby will sort them, up and down, in that column within an instant, for example showing up the biggest prizes or the freerolls. Setting up your roster is done as usual by studying the provided statistics and comparisons, but also from the Twitter feed of the players themselves. All there in one place you have all the information you are likely to need to make your choice.

There is a special feature particular to Victiv, called the Victron, which allows you to select and weigh different features of the players to your preferences using sliders. This then sorts the players into a lineup that is most suitable for you to play with. This one feature us worth joining Victiv for, even if it is just to see how it works.

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Victiv’s Player Support

Victive Supports Discover, American Express, Visa and MasterCard as credit card methods of payment. They also include PayPal and BitCoin – one of the first fantasy sports sites that will cater for this currency.

With experienced statisticians working on the processes it might be clear that the rake will be worked out with precision, based on the business cost and the operating expense of each contest. It is actually set at different prices depending upon the type of game, the amount of buy-in and how many are playing, but in essence the rake varies from 7.5% to 9% across the different scenarios. This is certainly more competitive than the sites that simply take 10% throughout. The anonymous Head-to-Heads are lower, the rake there is only 5% to 6%.

Victiv’s Incentives

Victiv has an impressive sign-up bonus that is certainly worth taking advantage of, a deposit of $1000 will give you 100%, or in cash terms another $1000 to play with as a bonus. Even being new they also have a number of promotions going through, since the first week of the NFL. There are a number of Freerolls going through the site which offer great prizes and for buy-in prices of $100 then guaranteed prize pots of $15 and $17 thousand are regularly seen. From the low to the high end, the number of promotions are likely to get better and better as more people hear about the site and join in.

The hefty $1000 bonus that is offered can be released in 1% payouts based on 40% of the buy-ins you accomplish as you play on the site.

Victiv Summary

Victiv are innovative and that makes them stand out. They are still new however and need more time to build up a big player base. If they achieve that with such an enthusiastic and clever team pushing it forward then they will soon be tackling with the bigger players in the fantasy football industry. They caught the first week of the NFL and offered $16 thousand of guaranteed prizes and $4 thousand in Freerolls, so started out really well.

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    Variety of Games




        Player Support



          • - Innovative VICTRON features allows players to automatically set lineups based on stat priorities
          • - Massive 100% up to $1,000
          • - Enthusiastic corporate leadership and funding


          • - New to the industry
          • - Relatively small player base
          • - Grey color scheme is extremely boring