ScoreStreak Review

The ScoreStreak fantasy sports site is owned by Sake Interactive, LLC, who are based in San Mateo, California. They have come up with another way to play fantasy sports by allowing you to select the right players to achieve three levels of play in three goals, called the Perfect Streak. The whole site is brand new and still in beta, but it is getting busier by the week.

It is a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) that gives them authenticity in this market, but on top of that they actually won the FSTA Elevator Pitch Award 2014 for the best innovative pitch to fantasy sports industry leaders.

ScoreStreak’s Variety of Fantasy Football Games

ScoreStreak have their proprietary Perfect Streak which is available to play weekly, but they also have ‘Top 3 Get Prizes’ and ‘Winner Takes All’ that are regular weekly ones too. Respectively the winners in these games are the top 3 point scorers and the top scorer. Alongside these regulars they have a number of Guaranteed Games, where the prizes are confirmed and will be given no matter how many people join in.

ScoreStreak Site Usability

Signing up for the site is painless, either by using an email address or by connecting your Facebook account. As soon as you get in you are creating your first lineup, first by picking the sport you wish. NFL has two choices, the weekly and the Perfect Strike that has a brand new Tesla as its prize. Don’t worry – it is a tutorial, but that isn’t so clear at first.

You are then greeted with 3 goals to meet and for each one your 3 guess as to the players that will attain them. The first is a QB TDS of 4, 3 and 2, so you place the player who you think will match or surpass each of these. The QB TD is the sum of both the passing TDs and the running TDs. The second goal is the number of All Purpose Yards needed, 160, 120 and 80, selecting who will exceed them. The All Purpose Yards are the sum of Rushing, Receiving and Return Yards. Then finally the third is the number of pass Receptions needed, 9, 7 and 5. The points for each of the goals are 14, 8 and 5 points for each level of the goals you picked players for.

For each of the 9 positions you have you will select ‘Make Pick’ and select from about 100 players to fill it, each player with a bit of data that is relevant to the goal in question. There is a handy dropdown list to filter down the players to match their teams, making it quicker to find someone. Each player is then dragged up into the selection boxes for each of the goals. Once you have lined them up, enter them for playing … it is that easy.

Later you can follow the games when they are being played to see how your selections get on. For each one that achieves that level of goal, you get the corresponding points.

For the other games the interface is a little different to regular fantasy sports sites, who generally have a Lobby with a filtered list of events. ScoreStreak prefer to do it with a page holding a number of tabs, each with the event information on them. This is great if there are a small number of games taking place.

ScoreStreak also have catered for displaying the web pages on phone, tablet and PC, ensuring that all devices have full functionality and are clear to use.

ScoreStreak’s Player Support

Deposits and withdrawals on this site can be made through Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. Though without a PayPal account the withdrawals will need to be sent out by check.

The rake on ScoreStreak is the industry standard 10% across the board.

ScoreStreak’s Incentives

Score Streak have a signup of 100% up to $500. That means if you deposit $500 into the account when you sign up then you will have another added to give you $1,000 to play with. This is then released 4% for each buy-in you make on the site.

There is a chance to win a brand new Tesla playing on this site. If you make your 9 selections and score a perfect 81 three weeks in a row. It is extremely easy to play, though choosing the right player will be important decision to make. You can see how everyone else is getting on in the ‘Tesla’ page.

There are a number of guaranteed games going on like the NFL Early Bird Thursday or NFL Two Buck Chuck, NFL 20/20, and the NFL 900 Club. The buy-in on these games range from $2 to $50 and the prizes from a guaranteed $72 to $900. There is also the NFL Weekend Freeroll, for no cash there is a $180 guaranteed prize.

For the regular loyal players there are Coins that get given for playing certain contests, and these can be spent in buying into games on a regular basis.

ScoreStreak Summary

ScoreStreak have got a winner of a game and it has earned the FSTA Elevator Pitch award for it, it is easy to play but definitely has you using all your skills in selecting the right player to achieve each of the desired goals. This is made more rewarding in having a fantastic prize of a Tesla if you can earn 81 points three time in a row, although doing this is easier than it sounds obviously. The only things that can be held against the site is that it does not have a lot of action. Though saying that, the action that is there is really interesting.

Score Streak

Score Streak



    Variety of Games




        Player Support



          • - Creative, fun roster selection
          • - Innovative contests
          • - One of the largest sign up bonuses


          • - Low volume of games
          • - No mobile app