Fantasy Feud Review

Fantasy Feud started life in 2012 and has become a popular fantasy sports gaming site. They have featured in the media on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Sunday NFL Countdown, NFL GameDay, TechCrunch and Forbes.

Respectably they are also a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA).

Fantasy Feud’s Variety of Fantasy Football Games

Fantasy Feud Inc. have a wide range of games available for the enthusiast on their website, with a number of Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs), Satellites and Qualifiers, 50/50 payouts and Head-to-Heads. The range of buy-ins of these contests range from the freerolls, to the cash entry of $1 to $1,050. The Standard games are open to players but must be filled whereas the GPP will pay out no matter how many join and the 50/50 contests are where the winners are the top 50% point scorers and they share the prize. The Qualifiers and Satellites are games that by winning gains you entry into bigger prize games, they are usually GPP so the award are guaranteed to be given to the winners anyway.

They have Salary Cap, Pro Pick’em and Snake Draft games to make things interesting. The Salary Cap game at Fantasy Feud allow you to build your lineup up to a maximum salary limit of $1 million from the salaries of the players, though these salaries are constantly moving as the players go through the events. The Pro Pick’em, where you will pick from 10 sets of players, each set containing a choice of 8 players, and if your 10 players score the most you win. The Snake Draft is welcomed back allowing players to have different picks each time round and Survivor allows you to select each player only once through many rounds of the game.

It is worth mentioning the Fantasy Feud Season Leagues where you can join 9 others and salary cap draft a team each week to play. If you end up in the top 2 then you can enter the Feud of Champions (FOC).

Fantasy Feud do not have a mobile app but they make sure their web pages render properly on a smartphone or tablet, giving all the functionality you have available to you on the desktop.

Fantasy Feud Site Usability

In the Lobby you have access to everything you need, you can choose to build a lineup, make a contest, refer-a-friend or enter a contest. There are buttons to ‘Pick a Sport’, and for fantasy football then NFL is the natural default, though you can see ‘All’ of them if you need to. There are a couple of handy sliders that allow you to set the minimum and maximum filters, these are used for the ‘Site & Fee’ selections which hold the ‘Entry Fee’ and the number of ‘Players’. The entry fee can be selected from ‘Free’, to $1 to $1,050, so you can filter on the amount of buy-in range you are considering and the number of players can go from 2 to 1000, though nudge it further and it will go to ‘Unlimited’.

There are a few lists of checkboxes now for choosing the ‘Content Type’, the ‘Prizes’ and the ‘Duration’, followed by a handy reference of what icons are used in the Lobby and what they mean.

The contest type is a selection of ‘Salary Cap’, ‘Pro Pick’em’, ‘Snake Draft’ and ‘Survivor’. The prizes that can be selected are ‘Standard’, ‘GPP’, ‘50/50’ or ‘Qualifiers and Satellites’.

Finally the durations that can be selected are ‘Daily’, ‘Multi-Day’ or ‘Seasonal’.

The site has lots going on and there is plenty of information to be gained on the players, with Twitter feeds and discussions you will find it a really interesting site to join in with.

Fantasy Feud’s Player Support

Fantasy Feud has a telephone number and a support email if you have any queries using their site. Though many of the points will probably be answered in their comprehensive FAQ and web site information they are very responsive to suggestions on how to improve their site.

To play the games they accepts the credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, for depositing funds, however withdrawal will need to be done by check unless a PayPal account is associated. The minimum deposit accepted across all funding types is $20. A strong feature of Fantasy Feud is that the player’s funds are kept in a totally separate account to the company’s main operating one, ensuring their safety and security.

Fantasy Feud’s Incentives

Fantasy Feud has a signup bonus of 100% all the way up to $250. This means if one registering you put in $250 then you will get that again and have $500 to play with.

Fantasy Feud has a system of Fantasy Feud Points (FF Points) which are used to give back to their loyal players. These FF Points can be gained each time you pay any contest fees on the site and on Freerolls, starting off with 10 FF Points for a $1 entered up to 1,200 FF Points for $1,050. Freerolls are offered based on your monthly spend too, at the first tier of only $10 spend in a month you can be eligible for a $100 Freeroll contest. The second tier at $100 doubles your FF Points, the third at $500 spend gives you a $1000 Freeroll and the top tier at $1,000 triples your FF Points. These FF Points can then be used in buying swag or as vouchers for contests.

A special event to look at in Fantasy Feud is the NFL Feud of Champions (FOC), which has a $165,000 prize pool of which a massive $35,000 will go to the overall winner. There are 10 places of prizes here to take, even at 10th place you have $500. Also through the NFL season there are Survivor Contests and Season Leagues. The NFL Season League allows you to win a free entry to the FOC, which would normally cost $3,250. Joining up on satellite games will be a ticket into this too.

Fantasy Feud Summary

Fantasy Feud are a strong site with plenty going on and lots to keep any enthusiast interested. There is in fact a tremendous amount of information on this site should you dig around, it is worth reading through their blog to find out what they are really capable of.

Fantasy Feud

Fantasy Feud



    Variety of Games




        Player Support



          • - Separate accounts for player funds
          • - Lots of different games
          • - Great rewards and freerolls


          • - Needs larger user base
          • - Some features hard to find