Fantasy Aces Review

fantasy aces sign upFantasy Aces have just come out of their Beta stage after launching in 2013 and are still active in coming up with new features for their site. They are based in Aliso Viejo, California at 120 Vantis, Suite 300 and their impressive site supports daily and weekly leagues for fantasy sports contests. Their promise is to stay on the cutting edge of fantasy sports and to make sure their customer service is great.

What will appeal to many fantasy football players is the ability to play with celebrities, like Matt Forte, the RB All-Pro hosting the weekly NFL season contests and are looking to add more professional athletes as they grow, like Pablo Sandoval. They have also had good media articles in CNN iReport, Forbes and SiriusXM Satellite Radio and are members of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. They use SportsData, that was recently bought up by Sportradar for their statistical data.

Fantasy Aces’ Variety of Fantasy Football Games

Fantasy Aces have Winner Take All contests and also typical tournaments where up to 500 will play and where the top 10% or 20% will be the winners. There are Top 2 or Top 3 contests where the winners on the top 2 or 3 respectively and the winnings are split either 65%-35% or 50%-30%-20%. There are now Survivor contests, not unlike the Survivor Tournaments seen elsewhere, 50/50 Leagues where the top half of the player take the winnings and the regular Head-to-Head games for those one-on-one events.

Fantasy Aces have brought out a new type of contest called SalaryPro. This has a flex salary cap and is great for finding and focusing on talent that is undervalued and rewards the find with bonus points. It allows you also to go over the regular $50,000 that is set as the cap, however you do lose fantasy points for the privilege. The amount you lose is 0.2 fantasy points for every $50 over the cap, but you do get 0.1 for every $50 under. It does seems very popular among the Fantasy Aces members and the flexibility to not be confined by a fixed cap is welcomed. Now you can pick a cheap but valuable team and gain points, or go for the perfect one and accept the penalty.

There is also a Scout feature coming soon, where you can search around and scout for talent, adding another dimension to the game. There is a page on the site that demonstrates how this might work when it is launched. You get a lot more information on the players to help you make your decisions on this and this is extremely useful to have it all in one place instead of having to search around.

Fantasy Aces’ Usability

Contacting Fantasy Aces is either through email or through the telephone but they have quite a comprehensive gameplay basics area that is helpful for understanding the contests. On the contact page there is a form for sending in queries if you need to contact the team.

The game lobby is colorful and functional, allowing you to home in on your desired contest with sports type tabs and a selection for whether you want private or public games to be displayed. You can filter then by format, the number of players, the buy-in and the type of payout. The format covers the two types of contests they now have since the introduction of the new SalaryPro format, the standard gameplay is called Classic. The buy-in ranges from free, then from 50¢ to $100+. The Payout selections are Winner Take All, Top 2, Top 3, 50/50 Double-Up, Tournament, Qualifier and Survivor.

Creating a game is easy, where you can select the NFL match, whether it will be SalaryPro or Classic, public or private, the number of players, the entry fee and whether it will be a payout of 50/50 or Winner Take All.

They do have a mobile app which essentially does the job, to sign in, view, select, create or export contests with the ability to deposit or withdraw cash. The pages themselves will render nicely on a tablet and includes all the features of the main site.


Fantasy Aces’ Player Support

Fantasy Aces supports Visa, MasterCard and Discover, but not American Express for credit card deposits. Otherwise, and more conveniently for withdrawals there is PayPal. Using PayPal is the fastest option for withdrawing cash as the credit cards will all require checks to be sent by post.

The rake they take is from 6.5% for longer contests to 10% for the shorter ones, which is an improvement from last year when it was a straight 10% across the board.

Fantasy Aces’ Incentives

The sign up bonus at Fantasy Aces is 100% up to $250, meaning if you deposit $250 then you will get another $250 added to your account to make $500. Their regular players are rewarded too by another bonus. Once 20 wins have been made for the month then 10¢ are added to each one, then once 125 is reached you get 15¢ per winning, up to the max of 30¢ at 250 wins.

They will host the $100,000 Fantasy Football Championship in Newport Beach, California which will be their major event. The 13 players will be flown to and stay at the Balboa Resort for two nights for the weekend event in November and will enjoy a yacht party for the kick-off before the gaming event.

Fantasy Aces Summary

Fantasy Aces although new have built up a great site with a number of innovative games to interest the fantasy football enthusiastic who loves to work expertly through the details of the players to draft the perfect team. They already have a player base of about 5000 and it looks to be increasing and with further investment and enthusiasm by the team might get them into the top 3 most popular sites in the industry.

Fantasy Aces

Fantasy Aces



    Variety of Games




        Player Support



          • - Nice mobile application
          • - Scout & SalaryPro are two innovative game types
          • - Loyal player base and growing


          • - Prize pools are smaller than competitors
          • - Does not accept American Express