DraftDay Review

DraftDay is the fourth most popular fantasy football site and perhaps one of the most secure places to play fantasy football. It was set up originally by professional poker players from CardRunners.com, Andrew Wiggins and Taylor Caby and is backed by player celebrities Kristy Arnett, Cole South and Brian Hastings. It is now owned by MGT Capital which bought 100% of it in April after buying 65% of FanThrownDown last year.

DraftDay has been featured well in the media in Mashable, Forbes, VentureBeat and Crain’s Chicago Business. Draft is probably one of the safest places to play fantasy football and they do promise that if you do not enjoy your first game that they will refund the money you paid on entry, and this perhaps makes it a great place for newbies to feel comfortable playing their first games.

DraftDay’s Variety of Fantasy Football Games

DraftDay do have several types of games available for fantasy football players. There are Standard Games that are for two to ten contestants, which are Salary Cap leagues, though if they do not fill with enough entrants they will be cancelled and the money returned to the participating players. There is a Modified Salary Cap version of the game too where the amount of salary available may be higher or lower than the standard amount for normal DraftDay games. There are Guaranteed Games that will provide a guaranteed amount of winnings in the prize pool no matter how many players take part in them. Target games are where you win if your team reaches a certain number of points and the prize pool is equally shared out amongst the winners. Live Draft games allow the players to select a number of draft picks in sequence once enough are there to start the game. There are the usual 50/50s when the prize pool is shared among the top 50% of the players winning the contest.

You can select Pickem games, which makes player selection a lot easier than in the Salary Cap games because you essentially just pick the player by their position regardless of their salary. Brackets are another way of playing tournaments where players can win having daily one-on-one matches, through each layer of the bracket, to become the overall winner.

Another type of game that DraftDay offer are RapidFire where 3 player are selected who are thought to gain the most points. RapidFire Max is an extended version for selecting 5 players matching the most fantasy points. The games in DraftDay range from entry fees of $1 to $200 with the prizes in proportion usually with the number of entries are made into the contest.

DraftDay Site Usability

The daily games list is brought up within any browser by selecting the Games tab on the main page and it looks straightforward for to filter into the kind of game that is needed. The software is more flashy than many of the mainstream sites but these although better looking are sometimes found to be a bit slower to use. The games can be filtered by sport, the number of players you want, the buy-in, the game type, payouts and start time. The number of players can be selectable from 2 to 10000 on a sliding scales, and the buy-in from $0 to $1060. The game type is a checkbox of Salary, Pickem, Bracket and Live draft (which has no salary cap).

Payouts can be Double up, Triple Up, Qualifier or Target. The Double Up is when the top half of the field doubles their entrance fee, the Triple Up where the top third get three times their buy-in. The Qualifier is a chance to enter bigger games and the Target payouts are when the prizes are split amongst the winners when a certain number of points has been reached.

There is a DraftDay mobile app which allows you to interact with the games, to see which ones are running, completed or cancelled, or to review your lineup, your opponents or payouts. There is also a section to muse over the rules whenever you have the time.

DraftDay’s Player Support

DraftDay still have a Chat box on their site so that you can chat to other players. To contact the staff however there is a contact form on their site that you will need to fill in when you have any queries that can’t be answered by the FAQ or other players.

DraftDay accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. With credit card deposits, any winnings will be sent back as a check, however those with PayPal winnings will be sent straight back to their account. If you win $600 or more in a year then you will need to send in your SSN. The really strong secure feature of DraftDay is that the player funds are kept in totally separate accounts from the operations of the business, which makes it safer for players investing money into the site.

The rake that DraftDay takes is the usual 10% for $1 contest, but that jumps immediately to the next level of $2.20 to 9.1%, ultimately going down to 5.7% when the entry is at $530 an above.

DraftDay’s Incentives

DraftDay has a sign-up bonus system of 100% up to $200 and you can clear this bonus for withdrawal $1 for every $2.50 entered in game play. They operate a number of Freerolls for regular players and you can earn up to 25% cashback within the 4 levels that they offer.

DraftDay also have a $5 Challenge where if you invite a new friend and play them in a one-to-one private game, the winner will receive $5 in their account for no risk. Or if you invite a friend and they deposit $25 you will get a $20 free game entry. There are a number of promotions going on at any time, like ‘The Perfect Lineup’ where you draft your fantasy team and if they do well you stand to win $1 million. Regular players and newbies will find many events with thousands of dollars in prizes throughout the daily games lobby to choose from.

DraftDay Summary

DraftDay overall is a great place for starting out in playing fantasy football online with friends and other enthusiasts and it certainly is one of the safest. Their site is functional and although it does not have the highest amount of action going on, it is a site that contains a number of loyal players that are kept entertained.





    Variety of Games




        Player Support



          • - Industry leading security for deposits
          • - Money back guarantee for beginners
          • - Chat supports available


          • - Lacks industry popularity compared to competitors
          • - Lacks action in the lobbies