Money Leagues

Do you think you are above average at Fantasy Football?  Are you interested in making some extra cash playing weekly fantasy football?  I’m sure you’ve seen all of the ads for daily fantasy sites like Fanduel and Draft Kings and now you are wondering what all the hype is about.  The truth is that there are thousands of people that are making thousands of dollars per month playing daily fantasy sports.  It’s completely legal and one of the best ways to make extra money if you are a fantasy enthusiasts.

So how do YOU play fantasy football for money online?

Playing daily or weekly fantasy football is very similar to playing traditional fantasy football.  The major difference is that instead of a draft you have a budget and you have to purchase players.  Then you can enter your roster against one person or thousands of people.  You can turn as little as $2 into $5,000 every single week.  You can sign up for a free account at Fanduel or Draft Kings and test out the waters before you put real money on the line.

Is there money to be made in the fantasy football prize leagues?

Let’s take a look at Peter Jennings, now well known to be in the best fantasy football money leagues as one who has earned millions, even though he is only 26. He used to be a stock broker, though always interested in sports, now makes incredible money spending 100 hours each week through fantasy football. This really is simply playing in the money fantasy football leagues and turning a profit for getting more points than your opponent – albeit a big profit.

Remember that FanDuel’s FFFC will be giving $10 million in fantasy football prizes and to the winner $2 million! Another example is Cory Albertson, who appeared in the Wall Street Journal, is making thousands every day from paid fantasy football, and who spend his other time in business school at Notre Dame but like each of the many high rollers in this new industry makes more than $100,000 a year.

Turning a Profit in a Fantasy Football Money League

So how do you change from losing money to changing the balance?  It really comes down to understanding statistics and finding an edge against your opponents.  There are many strategies, but it’s all about finding the less obvious players who have the most value week to week.

In addition to that you have to be disciplined and stick to games with the highest chance of winning.  At Fantasy Football Mogul we like the head to head matchups and the 50/50 leagues.  Those are the easiest to win.  You can even do research on your opponents in head to head matchups and go against people who have a terrible track record.

Here are some more tips on playing fantasy football for money:

First, study and learn the habits of players

The statistics available on all the players can help you here, and it takes a little time to get used to reading them. But learn how to make the best of it and use them to get a clear idea of the players you are considering. Peter likens this to picking stock, analyzing them first and then making quantitative selections, this is all down to spotting patterns, like how and when injuries might occur, what they are like at home or away.

Second, don’t become star-blind, focus on the stats

Don’t get emotionally involved with a team or players here, they have a persona, a reputation, they are famous. It is easy to forget the up-and-coming lesser known players and miss out on them standing out in front of you in the stats. There are many things that the stats will be showing you, like the strengths or their offense or defense, learn how to spot these and use the information to your advantage.

Third, check the weather

The environment at the event will obviously have an effect on all the players, so be aware of what factors might be important, like the weather. The quarterback throwing inclement weather may need you to look at making sure there is a good running back for example.

Now, let’s focus on the Learn, Grind and Shoot Formula

You will need to learn how to manage your bank and we cover some tips there in the Weekly Fantasy Football page. Make sure you figure out as you go which contests deserve the higher percentage of you bank and which ones are the long shots. The rest is essentially focusing on three things, to listen and learn what is going on, to grind through the small games and to regularly and periodically shoot for the big wins.


On top of learning the scoring systems and how to read the stats it is important to look for reliable and informative sources of player’s news. There are a number of respected ones about the Internet but these change as time goes by so regularly check for new sources. You will form many strategies by listening to others in the news sources but treat each one as a test, they may or may not work for you. Also choose sources that are less noisy, if you find you are not learning much or there is little value in the information then drop it and spend your valuable time on more dedicated ones.


Constantly go through the smaller games, even though this might be so exciting, because this is how you will consistently build up your bankroll. You are looking for games you can win. Maybe look around at the smaller sites too to see what is happening, where the competition is going to be lighter. The bigger players are more likely to be on the larger sites raking it in and you need to build up your bank roll to meet them.

This is a case of going through promotions whenever you find them. First of all are the sign-up bonuses and they are lucrative, but very quickly you will have ground your way through them, most are 4% or 25 times your initial deposit but you will be surprised how quickly that will happen once you get interested in playing often. Look for any other promotions on your set of favorite sites or look at our reviews to see if you should expand your experience.


Make sure you shoot for the stars too, by doing the qualifiers or whatever is needed for join in the biggest money fantasy football league. This is worth it if not just for the experience and the chance of spending a few dollars here or there for the ultimate million dollar plus payouts just has to be worth it.

Where are the best pay fantasy football sites?

Where should you do all this learning, grinding and shooting? Pick from the sites that are safe to play at, ones that have a good reputation, have joined any professional association they need to and have a loyal player base. Every one of our reviewed sites have passed all the criteria and reading through them will help you choose the best paid fantasy football site for you to make your home. There are a number of the quieter sites in there too to take a look at for occasionally grinding through.