Fanduel: Head To Head Matchups

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There are a wide variety of Fanduel game types to choose from. Knowing which ones have the best chance of making YOU money and how to win isn’t easy. Thankfully the team at Fantasy Football Mogul has you covered.

The easiest way to make money on Fanduel is playing head to head games. A close second is 50/50 games. The main difference being that in head to head matchups, you only have to beat 1 other team to make money. This is a perfect game type for beginners because it is most likely your typical fantasy football league. You versus another player, its that simple. It’s also easy to win because your team doens’t necessarily have to do well. If the guy your playing drafts a poor team, you can easily win if you simply drafted an average team.

Another great reason to play head to head matchups on Fanduel is the availability. Each night there are a very limited number of guaranteed, big money tournaments. On the flip side, there is a never ending supply of head to head games you can play with buy-ins ranging from $1 all the way to $5,300.

fanduel head to head matchups


So how do you win at head to head games? There are two main strategies we recommend. Which one you choose is up to you. Both have been successful for the Mogul team.

Strategy #1 – Make 100% sure you draft a solid QB, DEF, TE, and kicker. Did we say kicker? Yes, yes we did. The reason this strategy works is the availability of talent at these positions. You only draft one of each so there is less room for error. This means you should be spending more to ensure production. If you aren’t confident in a QB or TE especially in a given week, you may want to use strategy 2 below. Kickers and defense are important in head to head games. Most players ignore them, spending larger amounts on RBs and WRs. That type of draft works well for tournaments where it is boom or bust. In head to head matchups, you should be shooting for consistent production across your team.

Strategy #2 – Draft the two RBs you possibly can along with the best WR of the week. Usually this would be to risky for other game types because if one of them is a bust you will easily lose. This isn’t the case with head to head games. Even if you spend $27,000 on these 3 guys, there is plenty of room for value. Sure up your defense and kickers as the money it costs you for the best ones is much lower compared to the premium you have to pay for the top of other positions. Next grab a QB followed by a TE. Lastly go back and snag 2 WRs that are basically prayers. WR is the easiest position to find deep value and exactly why this strategy can be so effective.

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