Fanduel Contest Types: 50/50 Games

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Fanduel has a wide variety of game types to choose from. Deciding which game type is right for you and your goals can be a daunting task. Luckily the experts here at Fantasy Football Mogul have you covered. One of the most popular game types Fanduel has to offer is 50/50 games. What is a 50/50 game? How can you consistently win money in this game type? Keep reading…

What is a 50/50 game?

This game type is one of the best overall game type for consistently winning. In fact is tied with head to head games for the easiest to win out of all the Fanduel contests. The rules of the contest are simple. The top 50% of entries double their money. The bottom 50% of the pool loses their entry. Basic stuff. You either beat 50% of the people and double up or you lose.

Fanduel has tons of entry fees to suit all players. You can sign up for an account using promo code “MOGUL” and start playing in 50/50 contests ranging from $2 all the way to $5,300!

fanduel 50 50 games

How to win at 50/50 games

Unlike other Fanduel contests, you don’t have to place in the top 10% or higher to win money. Many beginners make the mistake of trying to draft the ideal team possible for this format. That is a mistake. Think of it this way: You are trying NOT to be in the bottom 50% as opposed to trying to make the top 50%.

Tip #1 – Avoid high salary cap busts! This is rule number one. If you drop $8,000 – $10,000 on a player and they don’t meet expectations, your chance of winning is extremely low. Why is this? Remember our goal. 50% of more of the people will pick pimps that perform. If yours do not, you will have a tough chance making it up. That is, of course, if everyone in the contest also picks that over valued dud.

Tip #2 – Take 2 chancesin every Fanduel line up! The second most important rule of 50/50 games. In addition to needing your pimps to perform, you need 1-2 low budget players to hit. These players are cost less than $5,000. Think new RBs that are starting because of an injury. A random tight end that goes for 2 catches both for TDs. There are many ways to achieve this. Always remember. Without at least 1 of these types of players, more realistically 2, you will not win. Of course you can always get lucky – but really? We want to win consistently based on skill.

The entire team here at FFM hopes these tips will help you win at Fanduel’s 50/50 contests! If you are new to Fanduel, sign up using this exclusive promo code offer below!

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