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fanduel sign upHave you heard or seen countless ads about Fanduel and you’re wondering what all the hype is about?  At Fantasy Football Mogul we’ve been playing fantasy football for over two decades, and Fanduel is the one of the most entertaining and lucrative websites we’ve ever come across.

Fanduel is by far the most popular daily fantasy site, and over the last 5 years they have paid out more than $300 million to their members.  One of the most appealing things about Fanduel is the fact that you can start with just a few bucks and turn it into hundreds of thousands.  You can sign up here and if you use promo code “Promo Code” and they will even match your first deposit.  If you love fantasy football, sports gambling, or all of the above then you should at least sign up for a free account and give it a try.

FanDuel’s Variety of Fantasy Football Games

FanDuel has put together a wide array of fantasy football games for you to enjoy and continue to improve upon them on a regular basis.  When you first login to Fanduel you will see a screen like below:

fanduel lobby

This is the main lobby that shows you a list of all of the contests coming up.  You can join existing games or create private ones for you and your friends.   As you can see I have filtered to only show NFL but they also have games for all other major sports.  There are games that have entry fees from $0 all the way to $10,000.  On the left side you can also filter by the type of games you want to play.  They have head to head, leagues, 50/50s, and tournaments.  Let’s walk through all of the different types of games.

Head to Head

The head to head games are one on one contests that are winner take all. Each team is given a salary cap and you pick any players you want within the cap.  The best part is looking at the stats of the other potential players and picking someone that appears to be a weak opponent.  Each player puts up an entry fee ranging from $1-$10,000 and the winner takes all minus a small percentage for Fanduel.

hallway nfl


In the league format each league is set to a certain amount of players.  The league must fill all of the required entries or the contest does not take place.  For each league you can drill down and get more information.  Below is a screenshot of a league and the scoring rules:

fanduel leagues

Leagues are a great type of contest to hold between you and your friends.  Sign up for a free account today and you can play in some free leagues to get the hang of it.  Once your confident in your skills you can put some money on the table even if it’s just a few bucks.

The 50/50 leagues are our favorite here at Fantasy Football Mogul.  We like them because if you are a decent fantasy player you have a high probability of winning.  In 50/50 leagues if there are 100 entries then the top half of the field (50 users) will get paid and the bottom half loses their entry fee.  They must fill in order for the contests to run, but there are always plenty of 50/50 leagues to choose from.


Tournaments are contests where the prize pool is guaranteed.  They display a blue “G” symbol, and they are guaranteed to pay out regardless of the number of entries.  They work like a poker tournament.  Typically the top 20% of the field receives a payout and everyone else loses.  The payout increases for every position higher that you finish.  Below is the payout for the $3M NFL Sunday Million.  This tournament cost $25 to enter and it pays the top 26,000 entries with first place getting over $500K.  That’s not bad for a $25 investment.  Sign up today and see if you have what it takes to make some big cash on a tournament like this. The max number of entries for this tournament is just under 138,000, but the prize pool is guaranteed no matter how many people enter.

fanduel tournaments

Fanduel is always coming out with more tournaments.  Some of the most popular are the Double/Triple/Quadruple Ups which have guaranteed prize pools that allow users to double, triple, or quadruple their entry fee.

One of the most recent additions are the ‘Head-to-Head’ Matrix tournaments.  This contest puts 20 regular Head-to-Head contests together and aggregates the prize fund making it much larger. It combines regular Head-to-Heads with the Double-Ups and essentially allows more variety on matching up who you play against and all but one (the last place) receives any winnings.

The tournaments that FanDuel offer had a new option added last year with Survivor Tournaments. Each round of the tournament takes forward only the top 75% of the players into the next round and so on until there are only 5 left, who usually enjoy very big prizes at the end with a trip to Las Vegas for the final play-off.  There are even some where you can win a trip to the playboy mansion.  Fantasy Football, Cash Prizes, and visits to the Playboy Mansion.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Click the banner below and sign up for a free account.  If and when you get ready to play for money use promo code “promo code” and Fanduel will match your first deposit.


FanDuel Site Usability

One of the biggest knocks against FanDuel over the years has been their slow software and interface.  It was one of the reasons why our number 1 site was Draft Kings for a long time.  However, due to recent popularity they have upgraded their platform, and it is now faster than ever.

The website is simple to use and it is easy to set up a Head-to-Head or League contest or join in with any of the hundreds of contests detailed in the lobby. It has enough features to remain clean and functional but not too many as to distract from the main purpose of the games. New players will find it easy to get started even without any previous experience of a fantasy football site.

The lobby screen allows you to index and broadly filter the contests to focus on the type of game you wish to play. The filtering on the left hand side of the screen is perhaps not as advanced as some other sites but it does allow the player to find what they are looking for in a nice easy way. Clicking on the contest will provide detailed information on the games the contest are based on, the current players ready to start and the prizes that can be expected, together with a simple ‘Enter’ button.

The next stage of the game is selecting the lineup and this is easily navigated through the tabs above the players, which provide useful background statistics on them. The information is helpful in selecting the right players for your budget, showing what relevant player news there is, a log of the recent games played and a quick overview and summary of them. Again the interface is useful and focused, only the right amount of functionality exists to allow the fantasy football fanatic to use their skill to correctly select the right players. Whereas other sites may try to make this flashier, more multimedia oriented or more filters, this is often just unnecessary. On the downside, some players would like to see more salary information in this section to make better decisions on.

FanDuel’s interface works great on the PC and Mac when used within the browser, but importantly they also now have a mobile app which can be downloaded. This is ideal for those who love to play at irregular times in the day or on the move. Like the browser lobby page the contests are all listed and are selectable, allowing the player to join in or set up a contest at any time and if necessary add funds to their account. For those moments on checking the results the ‘My Contests’ button will take you to any joined, live or finished contest information. You have the ability to replace players quickly if they hurt themselves and for future contests a massive time saving feature of using an earlier lineup stored and ready, by being able to export it. The mobile app is constantly enhanced and recent additions include being able to view the player game logs and giving the ability to send in support tickets if things go wrong. The downside is that the player information, like salaries for example cannot yet be exported.


FanDuel’s Player Support

FanDuel’s player support is adequate and at a level you would expect from a larger corporation. There is an email address and a contact form where you can send in support tickets should anything go wrong. It is disappointing that the site wide chat was removed earlier in the year but obviously the task of supporting a massive numbers of players through this method became too big an issue for them. This probably changed many of their regular player’s minds about them especially if they were the ones that enjoyed the chatting on a regular basis. FanDuel is hoping to take advantage of social media functions in the future but for the moment they are concentrating upon the gameplay of the site. Over the years FanDuel has built up a solid library of FAQ and helpful player information and many of the queries that a new user might have will most likely be answered in their support forums.

For handling the player’s finances FanDuel set a modest standard, the rake they take is 10% up to games of $50, 10.4% for tournaments, then as the buy-in increases the rake falls in increments to an absolute minimum of 6.5%. All the major cards are accepted (VISA, Discover, Amex or MasterCard), even some gift cards if they are back by one of the main credit card companies, and they also allow the use of PayPal.
PayPal is the ideal choice here for withdrawals because the processing time is at a maximum of 48hrs, or if over the weekend the next working day. If you use a card then withdrawals are made using a check, which can take up to 10 days for processing and delivery to your door. Be ready if you require more than $250 in withdrawal from the site as your SSN will be needed, and for more than $600 then a 1099-MISC tax form filing will be needed.

FanDuel will cover the PayPal fees on deposit, even a 3% international fee if it is taken off, but you may need to tell them within 60 days of transaction to ensure it is done. All withdrawals and deposits are covered with a 100% money back guarantee in case you are not happy with your first time experience. The only other limitations are that there is a $10 minimum for depositing and $1 for withdrawal for ongoing transactions.

FanDuel’s Incentives

FanDuel is the most popular site in fantasy football and because of its current number one holding in the industry you will find the most action taking place there. A look at the lobby will show you the number of tournaments, leagues and other contests running and there are usually a number of big prize ones coming up at any time. The most well-known ones in fantasy football right now are the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship (FFFC) and a number of the Survivor events. The FFC 2014 has $10 million in prizes for the event of which a huge $2 million is simply for the overall winner. There will be 100 finalists at the end of this event and they will be flown out to Las Vegas for 3 days to determine the winner. The $300K Survivor, which means $300K in overall prizes, will have $40K of it go to the main winner. There is a $200K Survivor, with a first prize of $20K, and a $100K Survivor which has a first prize of $10K.

FanDuel does have an incentive points system called FanDuel Points (FDP) and they are accrued, win or lose, for any spending on the games. These will continue to add up the more you use the site, often with a promotion allowing you to accelerate the number of FDPs gained. They can count towards paid contests or Freerolls, so are worth the continued effort and consistent playing on site, for example the September Bronze $1,500 Freeroll can be entered with 1,000 FDPs.


About the Company

FanDuel Inc. are based mainly in New York at 41 E Street and are a company of currently three offices that started recently near the beginning of 2009, just simply as an idea. Although the original idea had more to do with predicting markets online than fantasy football, by that summer they had their first customers as a fantasy sports site. Now at the time of this review 5 years later, FanDuel has over a hundred employees and has paid out well over $300 million in prizes since then. They consistently pay out $10 million in weekly contests and have over 12,000 daily leagues running. For 2014 they are planning to achieve a final payout of $400 million to its players.

FanDuel is a very reputable site that has a number of awards from the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA). Last year their FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship (FFFC) won the Best Fantasy Contest Award and the year before they won the Most Outstanding Fantasy Contest. It is with these annual events that FanDuel hosts the largest prize pool tournaments in the fantasy football industry catering for the most number of players. Year upon year the prize fund grows with the FFFC, in 2010 it was $50k, then the next $150k, then $500k, by 2013 it hit $2 million and this year a massive $10 million of prizes will be dished out among the growing number of winners. The year before that, in 2012, FanDuel was hailed with even more awards from Mashable, ScotlandIS and TechCrunch, presenting them with their Sports Innovation Index, Company of the Year and the Best Sports and Entertainment accolades respectively.





    Variety of Games




        Player Support



          • - Most popular site in the industry
          • - FFFC is a huge event with industry leading payouts
          • - Most action on a regular basis


          • - Lacks innovative game types
          • - No American Express
          • - No chat for customer service