DraftKings Promo Code & Bonus

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Use code “MOGUL” for a 100% match on your first deposit up to $600.

You will not find a better DraftKings promo code anywhere.  The following are some of the promotions Draftkings typically runs:

$2.2 Million Millionaire Maker

This is a massive contest, which you will regularly see on DraftKings (DK), and they are always worth entering. If the standard entry is too high for you at $27 buy in then there are always satellites on the go that can be found with diligence at an extremely low $0.25 entry. The winner of the Millionaire Maker will of course get $1 million, with $100,000 going to the first runner up and then $50,000, $40,000, $35,000 following until you get right down to an incredible 15,500th place, who receives amazingly $40 as a prize. Typically there are $2 and $5 Satellite contests for this and again the $2 will be free with the first deposit. You can enter this contest as many times as you wish, and many do, either directly or through following up on any of the Satellites and Qualifiers that are found in the Lobby.

You must draft your team to a cap of $50,000 and using your skills create the best team possible and you have until Sunday to do it, but you could quickly become another one of DraftKings’ created millionaires. These are always being promoted and whenever you login you will see a Millionaire Maker on the contest list.

$2.5 Million King of the Beach

The first week of December is when 50 teams enter the contest at Atlantis Paradise Island and play live in the final for the $1 million first place winnings. The runners up will get $350,000, $200,000, $150,000 all the way down to the 50th place getting $7,500, so everyone who qualifies for this will come away with grand prizes. The satellites for this contest are there in the Lobby every day, and you can enter them for as little as $0.25, with a $2 one available that is also free with your first deposit at DraftKings. So if you haven’t joined yet then jump in and get your place in, there are still many places to be filled, with each one who has already won a place being listed on the contest page.

Enter one of the qualifiers or satellites by drafting your perfect team to the typical salary cap of $50,000. The prize is usually about $1,000 and the VIP trip and pass to the King of the Beach finals at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. If you are looking for the best Draftkings promo codes use MOGUL.

Steps Tournaments

These are a brilliant way of entering major DraftKings events if you only have a low start up budget and concerned by the higher buy-ins, or simply a great way to attempt to turn $2 into $200 in four steps. It works by increasingly larger series at each step that starts off with just $2. Again, this is under a salary cap of $50,000 where if you end up in third or fourth place from competing with nine others then at least you will get your Step 1 ticket back and another try, or in first and second place you get an entry to the second level at $7 and a prize of $18. The second level winners will get a $25 Step 3 ticket and the third and fourth placed runners up will get a Step 2 chance up until Step 4. The first two winners out of only 6 players at Step 4 will get their $200 and the third place a $40 prize. Please keep in mind that you can use any bonuses you’ve accrued by entering our Draftkings promo code when you signed up to enter step tournaments.

Refer A Friend

Watch out for this one because it is very lucrative, once you have joined and taken part in DK then you have a chance to join into contests for free. At this moment in time, and it always changes to something similar, you only need to refer two friends to join in at DK and you will get a free entry (worth $27) to the Millionaire Maker Contest. Imagine that, simply by telling two friends about DraftKings you become a millionaire!

Using Frequent Player Points (FPP) to Join Contest

FPP accumulate with every contest that you put cash down to buy-in and are a great way to enter contests like qualifiers for the major tournaments. Join now and watch out for chances to create and use your FPPs.

Let’s be honest. DK has some of the best promo tournaments in the industry. If you are a first time player, remember to use our exclusive Draftkings promo code “MOGUL” when you sign up! All of the bonus funds you earn our code can be used to pay the entry fees for any of the above contests!

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