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DraftKings is the second most popular fantasy football site on the Internet, with FanDuel continuing so far to maintain its top spot. DraftKings however has a loyal player base who will continue to use it as it grows. DraftKings is growing too, rapidly in the last year, with $41 million investment received from venture capitalists it is buying up and expanding into the fantasy sports business. This investment now totals $75 million since its inception and with that it has bought out the already popular sites DraftStreet in July and StarStreet in August, and so it definitely has its sights on the leader, FanDuel.


DraftKings Variety of Fantasy Football Games

DraftKings have put together a wide array of fantasy football games to cater for any number of enthusiasts, including the regular Head-to-Heads, Leagues, 50/50s and Tournaments. The Head-to-Heads are the usual one-to-one contests that are the most popular between friends and there will always be a large number of these going on at any time.  Below is what the interface looks like:

draftkings lobby

As you can see there are a wide variety of head to head games available.  This is a look at all of the college football fantasy games you can play. They are extended by having Multi-Match Head-to-Heads which are essentially 21 Head-to-Head contests combined but kept unique, so each game will claim a single prize fund to the winner on each play.

This differs from the Multipliers that DraftKings has, putting together Head-to-Heads and aggregating the prize funds from 3 to 10 times the entry fee.

Leagues are there for the groups of friends and teams, where you can play against two or more players and Qualifier Contests that will provide players a means of entering bigger contests through free tickets.

Steps are another contest that you can enter on the first step and try to win tickets as you make it through to the higher steps. First timers and newbies are taken care of, protecting them somewhat from the more experienced and skilled players in the Beginners games, where you can play up to 50 times before getting pushed out and playing with the experts.

There are even a number of free contests available that do not require any cash to enter, but offer winners entry tickets to the other contests or offer prizes. There are also a number of contests that have Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPP) that will pay out everything in the prize pool no matter how many enter the contest. You will see a variation of entry fees from a really low start of a quarter to $5,300, taking care of the wide range of motivation, from the enthusiast and the gambler alike. For example $27 will get you into NFL $2.2M Millionaire Maker which offers $1 million to the overall winner and the rest, 15,500 players, in prizes.


DraftKings’ Site Usability

DraftKings display their focus on innovation and their site has been through a redesign that makes it more user friendly, making navigations easier throughout. At the lobby you can create a lineup , create a contest, refer a friend or browse and enter any of the total number of contests that they have going at any time.

You can use an advanced filter or tabs to focus in on the contests you want to see, helping you focus in on what kind of contest you are looking for, from the complete list you have Guaranteed (GPP), Qualifiers, Head-to-Head, 50/50, Leagues, Multipliers, Steps, Beginner and Live.

The live games are really interesting to see, with live scoring, player standings and scoreboard. The advanced filter lets you home in on what games will start next or today, what size range you want, what entry fee you wish to play and if there are free ticket or entry contests. You are able to sort the contests by clicking on any of the titles alphabetically, number of players, the entry fee, the total prizes and in start time order.

Clicking on any of the contests will show detailed information on who has entered, the prize fund and how it will be shared out together with a summary of what the contest is all about, including any special information or prizes on offer. All this adds up to one of the most advanced lobbies in the industry allowing you to fine tune what you see and to home in on your contest very quickly and easily. Below is what the screen looks like when you click into a contest:

draftkings contest details

This screen shot was for a $2 115 player contest.  It has a guaranteed prize pool of $200 regardless of how many people sign up and it pays out the top 22.

The navigation on the rest of the site lets you organize your lineups and contests that you have entered, along with a tab for what promotions are on offer at any moment. The My Lineups feature is one that saves time and removes the need for working it all out on scraps of paper or spreadsheets, it keeps all your lineups ready and editable in one place, able to amend at any moment. Alongside your account info you also have helpful information on the contest, an FAQ, a Frequent Player Points (FPP) store and DKTV to all add to the experience of playing fantasy football on one of the most advanced and entertaining sites in the industry.

In many places on the site you will see chat areas linked to their Facebook page to allow the players to express their thoughts. This is one advantage that DraftKings has over Fanduel since Fanduel eliminated their online chat feature.

DraftKings is well known for their late game swap feature, and they stand out well on this, allowing the player to make changes right up to the game start and not have it fixed at the very beginning of the contest.

Of course there is a mobile app and DraftKings was one of the first to reach out to players there, it only seems to be available for Apple users though. Clean and easy to use, the mobile app essentially gives you a light interface to the lobby and means of controlling your account. Having the freedom to check in while you are on the move is invaluable for having the time to set up your contests and participating, to watching the ones already live.

DraftKings’ Player Support

For support DraftKings has an email and a contact form on the Contact Us page. Although there is plenty of FAQ help and player information on the site the contact form seems to be the only way to ask any unique questions.

The rake taken by DraftKings is tiered with the highest at 15% for $0.25 entries, 10% for $1 to $22, and it goes down to 5.66% at the $530 entry or more. They have an easy to use system for depositing and withdrawing your money. They offer Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal for deposits. You do have the option on signing up to deposit differing amounts to attract an increasing bonus. It is noticeable in this industry too that you only have a certain time to do this and a ten minute timer begins when you reach that option, so ideally be very clear how much you might wish to deposit before you sign up.

The maximum amount that is possible is $600 for a $600 deposit which is a massive one in this industry, the others are all 100% ones, $25 for $25, $100 for $100 and $250 for $250. Like many others DraftKings will send out checks for withdrawing money that will take seven business for you to receive, but PayPal is faster, usually within 3 days.


DraftKings’ Incentives

There is a lot of action going on at DraftKings that will certainly keep you busy if you are a fantasy football enthusiast, whether you are in it just to play or the money there is a lot of opportunity for both. There is certainly no shortage of contests on the go at DraftKings, from the free entry draws with no prizes, to the contests with millions of dollars up for grabs.

The total prizes in the regular Millionaire Makers are currently $2.2 million, of which $1 million goes to the overall winner, and all of it is shared among the 15,500 winners. To think, all of this from just a $27 entry! Actually, that is not quite true! You can make it into the Millionaire Maker with $0.25 in one of the Satellite contests that they run beforehand. There are many other contests run throughout the year to watch out for, like the $5 million Kickoff Bash, or the $2.5 million King of the Beach contests for example that should be a good reason to jump in.

DraftKings’ FPP are earned on the site by every contest that is joined, except for the free ones, but they gather up constantly so you can release any bonuses you have, or use them in the FPP store. DraftKings look after their regular players through this store, and it is a great place for buying tickets to contests using simply the points you have built up through your continued loyalty.

DraftKings Overall

DraftKings have been moving forward rapidly and it has lots going on to interest its players. It is second in popularity of all the fantasy football sites at this moment in time, though that may change if they keep going forward as aggressively as they have done. They fall short maybe in the choices for player support, but there have not been any major complaints about that. They keep your interest and look after you with lots of prize winning contests throughout the year and they have a number of enthusiastic players who shout out loud that DraftKings is their number one favorite. It is well worth joining in and watching out for the great contests.





    Variety of Games




        Player Support



          • - Play against other beginners for first 50 games
          • - Huge prizes and lots of action
          • - Aggressive to overtake market leader


          • - Events lack innovation
          • - Lacking some player support options