Daily Contests

Daily fantasy football has become very popular in the last few seasons of the NFL, but it has really exploded in 2014. Although regular Fantasy Football has been around for a long time the explosion of daily fantasy sports is due to increased marketing efforts by the big players.

Traditional Fantasy Football that is played weekly is still incredibly popular, but for the millions of people who realize they have a terrible team 6 weeks into the season that is discouraging.  Daily fantasy sites prevent that problem.

One of the best things about Daily Fantasy sites are the wide range of games that they offer.  You can play against hundreds of thousands of people in one tournament or play head to head against someone else.  It’s also nice that you can look at the stats of people you are playing in a head to head scenario and see how much they have won or lost.

Daily fantasy football really became much more popular when fantasy sites made it much easier to play. It’s incredibly easy to add players to your roster and even copy a roster across a wide variety of games. Once fantasy players realized they could make money every single week it became a no brainer.  We suggest Fanduel or Draft Kings as our top 2 daily fantasy sites.  You can read more in our reviews section.  Also visit our promo code page to learn how you can get matching bonuses on your first deposit.

Daily fantasy football really covered the same things that you would do in a season long league, only you did it all in one or two days. You would draft for the games available for that week and that would be the end of it, your team would not be expected to go on into the next. No more waiting for the season to end to find out who the winner would be.

It is this new freedom to play whenever you wish that makes daily fantasy football the biggest area of growth in the game. Many fantasy sports sites have set themselves up specifically for members to play daily fantasy sports. Some will only allow these kinds of games. The freedom to play whenever you want to just makes it so much easier for the busy person to find time to enjoy it.

Daily fantasy football can in fact be more challenging; there is a lot more mathematics involved. In fact, think about how this compares with any games you might normally play in Vegas. Imagine going into a game with lots of statistics relevant to the game you are playing and maybe a calculator to determine your next move. I think you will be quickly removed from the game, don’t you? But fantasy football thrives on the mathematical skills of those who have worked out strategies that work for them. Some are so successful at it they actually create an income for themselves just by playing. Scouring the statistics and analyzing the data on your players is seen as the most effective way of creating a winning strategy.

One hindrance to fantasy football that you may have suffered from when playing weekly is that you might have players injured during the season. If this player is one of your best then the game being played is not going to go your way, you might even lose. This is not a problem in daily fantasy sports, all the players are drafted in full health.

Another advantage of playing daily fantasy football online now is that there are plenty of people to play against. Of course, half of the fun is playing against people or teams that you already know, maybe for teambuilding at work or simply playing your friend. However, most of the time trying to get people to fit in with your schedule and finding the right times for you all to play may not be that easy in today’s busy schedules. With the numbers of players on a site at any time you will find it much easier to find a game whenever you wish, even playing against several people without having to plan, diarize or schedule everyone’s time. Daily fantasy football is great for playing, just when you want.

Of course, playing against friends can be great fun and it is well worth joining in with a daily fantasy football site to try it out. You could create a private game for you all to play. You can set it up with an entry fee, so each player needs to put in a wager. Then whoever the winners are will take the winnings, making it much more fun and competitive.

So put simply, if you have not yet played daily fantasy football, what do you need to do to join in?

The first step is to find a fantasy football site to join. You could go for the most popular FanDuel, or pick from any number of fantasy sites out there and each have their particular way of working. Take a look at a few of the reviews here and see if one catches your eye. If you cannot make your mind up then you will not go far wrong to at least choose one of the top three sites, namely FanDuel or DraftKings.

Be ready for the sign up bonus, we tell you about them in the reviews but some sites will give you a limited time to take advantage of them. If you don’t have the funds to max out on of these then don’t worry, there are always other sites to try out or any number of games that will be free.

If you have joined with a friend then try out a quick head-to-head game, the winner may or may not have a cash prize depending on whether you set up the contest to have an entry fee. If you have not, then get your friend to read up on it all here and then you will both be better prepared.

Once you have played a few games, try out a few variations, there are always many other kinds of daily football fantasy games going on and they are worth trying out. Maybe look at some other sites listed here if they have a type of game you might like to play. Finally, be on the lookout for promotions and freerolls on the fantasy sites, they are often quite lucrative and enjoyable.