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Fantasy Feud Review

Fantasy Feud started life in 2012 and has become a popular fantasy sports gaming site. They have featured in the media on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Sunday NFL Countdown, NFL GameDay, TechCrunch and Forbes.

Respectably they are also a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA).

Fantasy Feud’s Variety of Fantasy Football Games

Fantasy Feud Inc. have a wide range of games available for the enthusiast on their website, with a number of Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs), Satellites and Qualifiers, 50/50 payouts and Head-to-Heads. The range of buy-ins of these contests range from the freerolls, to the cash entry of $1 to $1,050. The Standard games are open to players but must be filled whereas the GPP will pay out no matter how many join and the 50/50 contests are where the winners are the top 50% point scorers and they share the prize. The Qualifiers and Satellites are games that by winning gains you entry into bigger prize games, they are usually GPP so the award are guaranteed to be given to the winners anyway.

They have Salary Cap, Pro Pick’em and Snake Draft games to make things interesting. The Salary Cap game at Fantasy Feud allow you to build your lineup up to a maximum salary limit of $1 million from the salaries of the players, though these salaries are constantly moving as the players go through the events. The Pro Pick’em, where you will pick from 10 sets of players, each set containing a choice of 8 players, and if your 10 players score the most you win. The Snake Draft is welcomed back allowing players to have different picks each time round and Survivor allows you to select each player only once through many rounds of the game.

It is worth mentioning the Fantasy Feud Season Leagues where you can join 9 others and salary cap draft a team each week to play. If you end up in the top 2 then you can enter the Feud of Champions (FOC).

Fantasy Feud do not have a mobile app but they make sure their web pages render properly on a smartphone or tablet, giving all the functionality you have available to you on the desktop.

Fantasy Feud Site Usability

In the Lobby you have access to everything you need, you can choose to build a lineup, make a contest, refer-a-friend or enter a contest. There are buttons to ‘Pick a Sport’, and for fantasy football then NFL is the natural default, though you can see ‘All’ of them if you need to. There are a couple of handy sliders that allow you to set the minimum and maximum filters, these are used for the ‘Site & Fee’ selections which hold the ‘Entry Fee’ and the number of ‘Players’. The entry fee can be selected from ‘Free’, to $1 to $1,050, so you can filter on the amount of buy-in range you are considering and the number of players can go from 2 to 1000, though nudge it further and it will go to ‘Unlimited’.

There are a few lists of checkboxes now for choosing the ‘Content Type’, the ‘Prizes’ and the ‘Duration’, followed by a handy reference of what icons are used in the Lobby and what they mean.

The contest type is a selection of ‘Salary Cap’, ‘Pro Pick’em’, ‘Snake Draft’ and ‘Survivor’. The prizes that can be selected are ‘Standard’, ‘GPP’, ‘50/50’ or ‘Qualifiers and Satellites’.

Finally the durations that can be selected are ‘Daily’, ‘Multi-Day’ or ‘Seasonal’.

The site has lots going on and there is plenty of information to be gained on the players, with Twitter feeds and discussions you will find it a really interesting site to join in with.

Fantasy Feud’s Player Support

Fantasy Feud has a telephone number and a support email if you have any queries using their site. Though many of the points will probably be answered in their comprehensive FAQ and web site information they are very responsive to suggestions on how to improve their site.

To play the games they accepts the credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, for depositing funds, however withdrawal will need to be done by check unless a PayPal account is associated. The minimum deposit accepted across all funding types is $20. A strong feature of Fantasy Feud is that the player’s funds are kept in a totally separate account to the company’s main operating one, ensuring their safety and security.

Fantasy Feud’s Incentives

Fantasy Feud has a signup bonus of 100% all the way up to $250. This means if one registering you put in $250 then you will get that again and have $500 to play with.

Fantasy Feud has a system of Fantasy Feud Points (FF Points) which are used to give back to their loyal players. These FF Points can be gained each time you pay any contest fees on the site and on Freerolls, starting off with 10 FF Points for a $1 entered up to 1,200 FF Points for $1,050. Freerolls are offered based on your monthly spend too, at the first tier of only $10 spend in a month you can be eligible for a $100 Freeroll contest. The second tier at $100 doubles your FF Points, the third at $500 spend gives you a $1000 Freeroll and the top tier at $1,000 triples your FF Points. These FF Points can then be used in buying swag or as vouchers for contests.

A special event to look at in Fantasy Feud is the NFL Feud of Champions (FOC), which has a $165,000 prize pool of which a massive $35,000 will go to the overall winner. There are 10 places of prizes here to take, even at 10th place you have $500. Also through the NFL season there are Survivor Contests and Season Leagues. The NFL Season League allows you to win a free entry to the FOC, which would normally cost $3,250. Joining up on satellite games will be a ticket into this too.

Fantasy Feud Summary

Fantasy Feud are a strong site with plenty going on and lots to keep any enthusiast interested. There is in fact a tremendous amount of information on this site should you dig around, it is worth reading through their blog to find out what they are really capable of.

FanThrowDown Review

FanThrowDown is owned by FanTD, LLC and is all about daily fantasy sports, they do not do weekly or seasonal. It was set up in 2011 and grew rapidly when it took on other daily fantasy sports websites BuzzDraft in March last year and then Daily Joust in July. MGT Capital Investments (MGT) bought into 63.12% of FanTD, putting around $2.5 million into the company in April 2013. This allowed their expansion and to really get noticed within the industry because of the massive investment placed by MGT, solidifying their place as one of the more popular sites in the fantasy sports market. They have been featured in the media a number of times, in well-known sites CNN, Yahoo Sports, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

Their player sports statistics information is backed by the use of the well-respected STATS service which is the global leader in sports data.

FanThrowDown’s Variety of Fantasy Football Games

FanThrowDown offer regular daily fantasy football games with Standard Games, Salary Cap and 50/50. They have a Modified Salary Cap where the salary limit may be varied for more flexibility in drafting your players. The 50/50 games are where the players earning the top 50% points all win a share of the prize pool. They also have the standard Guaranteed Games where the prize pool is guaranteed no matter who, if anybody, turns up for the game. The Target games can be exciting, where the target number of points to reach is set at the beginning of the game and everyone who reaches it wins an equal share of the prize pool. Live Draft games will need a certain number of players to join in before it may start and players are picked in sequential order.

There is a Rapid Fire game where you pick the player you think will score the most points and if you get 3 matchups then you win. The Rapid Fire Max is different only in that you must pick 5 matchups instead of three. Also popular is the free to enter Perfect Lineup Game where you can win big prizes, if you manage to do it overall there is a $1 million prize if you can get the highest scoring player in all the right positions. Regularly the first to the fiftieth winner of the game will get a Free Frosty Bucker entry for the next week which has a $500 prize.

FanThrowDown has a good range of games to enter for both enthusiast and action seeker, starting with the free entries the buy-ins range for just $0.25 to $1060.

FanThrowDown Site Usability

The new and improved FanThrowDown Games list looks very much like DraftDay, as the same software is used. It is brought up by selecting the Games tab at the top of any of the main pages on the site. It simply allows you without distraction to filter down the contests until you find the right one for you to play. You can home in on your game by filtering by which sport you want, how many players from 2 to 10,000, what buy-in you can budget for from $0 to $1,060 and where you want to play an upcoming or later game.

The game type choice is a checkbox, each for showing Salary, Pickem, Bracket or Live Draft games and the payout is similar with the choice of Double-Up, Triple-Up, Qualifier or Target. Double-Up and Triple-Up work where the players with the top points at the end of the game wins. In Double-Up the top half wins double the buy-in and Triple-Up the top third win three times their buy-in. A Qualifier game is one where you can enter the bigger games later, to determine if you qualify for them. Finally, Target payouts are for those beating a set number of points.

Although their privacy policy mentions their mobile app it is not linked to. The site is in a state of transition at the moment and there is a transition FAQ link at the bottom of the main pages to help through the changes taking place.

FanThrowDown’s Player Support

FanThrowDown simply have a telephone number and contact email for support issues if you have a query. Their deposits and withdrawals system will work with the main credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and also PayPal. PayPal is much quicker to use that credit cards because withdrawals go straight into the account and do not have to be sent in the mail as a check. The minimum you may deposit is $10 and the maximum $500.

The rake they take is a standard 10%, which is pretty much a standard in the fantasy sports arena.

FanThrowDown’s Incentives

FanThrowDown has a signup bonus that gives you 100% of whatever your first deposit is as a bonus, all the way up to $200. These bonuses get released as you play, each time you buy in to a game 4% of that will get cleared of your bonus. So if you play $25 worth of games then $1 of the bonus will get released, and it adds up quickly if you are a regular player.

Their Perfect Lineup games are an incentive for the loyal player as it turns up weekly in the games list. It requires no entry fee but pays out prizes to the top 25 winners.

FanThrowDown Summary

FanThrowDown are in a state of transition and a lot of it is following DraftDay’s format as it is moving forward. It has certainly been invested into heavily and it has gained a good player base, however it does need to make the rest of changes quickly so as not to confuse them or anyone else arriving at the site. The result is that it has changed a lot and much of the information about the site elsewhere on the Internet is out of date and simply wrong.

ScoreStreak Review

The ScoreStreak fantasy sports site is owned by Sake Interactive, LLC, who are based in San Mateo, California. They have come up with another way to play fantasy sports by allowing you to select the right players to achieve three levels of play in three goals, called the Perfect Streak. The whole site is brand new and still in beta, but it is getting busier by the week.

It is a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) that gives them authenticity in this market, but on top of that they actually won the FSTA Elevator Pitch Award 2014 for the best innovative pitch to fantasy sports industry leaders.

ScoreStreak’s Variety of Fantasy Football Games

ScoreStreak have their proprietary Perfect Streak which is available to play weekly, but they also have ‘Top 3 Get Prizes’ and ‘Winner Takes All’ that are regular weekly ones too. Respectively the winners in these games are the top 3 point scorers and the top scorer. Alongside these regulars they have a number of Guaranteed Games, where the prizes are confirmed and will be given no matter how many people join in.

ScoreStreak Site Usability

Signing up for the site is painless, either by using an email address or by connecting your Facebook account. As soon as you get in you are creating your first lineup, first by picking the sport you wish. NFL has two choices, the weekly and the Perfect Strike that has a brand new Tesla as its prize. Don’t worry – it is a tutorial, but that isn’t so clear at first.

You are then greeted with 3 goals to meet and for each one your 3 guess as to the players that will attain them. The first is a QB TDS of 4, 3 and 2, so you place the player who you think will match or surpass each of these. The QB TD is the sum of both the passing TDs and the running TDs. The second goal is the number of All Purpose Yards needed, 160, 120 and 80, selecting who will exceed them. The All Purpose Yards are the sum of Rushing, Receiving and Return Yards. Then finally the third is the number of pass Receptions needed, 9, 7 and 5. The points for each of the goals are 14, 8 and 5 points for each level of the goals you picked players for.

For each of the 9 positions you have you will select ‘Make Pick’ and select from about 100 players to fill it, each player with a bit of data that is relevant to the goal in question. There is a handy dropdown list to filter down the players to match their teams, making it quicker to find someone. Each player is then dragged up into the selection boxes for each of the goals. Once you have lined them up, enter them for playing … it is that easy.

Later you can follow the games when they are being played to see how your selections get on. For each one that achieves that level of goal, you get the corresponding points.

For the other games the interface is a little different to regular fantasy sports sites, who generally have a Lobby with a filtered list of events. ScoreStreak prefer to do it with a page holding a number of tabs, each with the event information on them. This is great if there are a small number of games taking place.

ScoreStreak also have catered for displaying the web pages on phone, tablet and PC, ensuring that all devices have full functionality and are clear to use.

ScoreStreak’s Player Support

Deposits and withdrawals on this site can be made through Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. Though without a PayPal account the withdrawals will need to be sent out by check.

The rake on ScoreStreak is the industry standard 10% across the board.

ScoreStreak’s Incentives

Score Streak have a signup of 100% up to $500. That means if you deposit $500 into the account when you sign up then you will have another added to give you $1,000 to play with. This is then released 4% for each buy-in you make on the site.

There is a chance to win a brand new Tesla playing on this site. If you make your 9 selections and score a perfect 81 three weeks in a row. It is extremely easy to play, though choosing the right player will be important decision to make. You can see how everyone else is getting on in the ‘Tesla’ page.

There are a number of guaranteed games going on like the NFL Early Bird Thursday or NFL Two Buck Chuck, NFL 20/20, and the NFL 900 Club. The buy-in on these games range from $2 to $50 and the prizes from a guaranteed $72 to $900. There is also the NFL Weekend Freeroll, for no cash there is a $180 guaranteed prize.

For the regular loyal players there are Coins that get given for playing certain contests, and these can be spent in buying into games on a regular basis.

ScoreStreak Summary

ScoreStreak have got a winner of a game and it has earned the FSTA Elevator Pitch award for it, it is easy to play but definitely has you using all your skills in selecting the right player to achieve each of the desired goals. This is made more rewarding in having a fantastic prize of a Tesla if you can earn 81 points three time in a row, although doing this is easier than it sounds obviously. The only things that can be held against the site is that it does not have a lot of action. Though saying that, the action that is there is really interesting.

Star Fantasy Leagues Review

Star Fantasy League started up in 2012 by Justin and Zachary Stanley, brothers that loved fantasy sports and wanted to create the ideal platform to play them on. Since then it has grown really quickly and in last year’s NFL season they paid out $375,000 in winnings. This year they aim to provide over half a million dollars for the players of their site.

Star Fantasy League has gained a lot of respect of its players and has made a number of collaborations, like using STATS, the sports statistics service, and being a member of the Fantasy Sports Trading Association. They have appeared also in important media sites, on CBS, GamesBeat, ABC and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Star Fantasy Leagues’ Variety of Fantasy Football Games

Games tend to be daily, weekly, seasonal and yearly with 10, 20 or single head-to-head events and multiplayer leagues that will appear often allowing hundreds of players to join in and win great prizes.

There is the regular one-to-one game, Heads-Up for playing friends and colleagues, or similar a Double-Up or Triple-Up, which if you are the top half or third you win double or triple your entry fee respectively. For a few playing at the same time there are the multiple player Winner Take All games, where the winner simply wins it all and the typical Salary Cap league events which take place regularly. These are where you select your team with a budget of $100,000 and where until the scoring starts you can make as many changes to your lineup as you wish. A number of them will appear as Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPP) and these will be events where the prize pool will be paid out fully no matter how members join in. Some game allow for multientry too, and are marked up for this, that will allow you to play them all at the same time if you wish to.

Snake Draft Leagues may well add the pressure and make it more exciting, where you only have a number of seconds to select your draft, or simply choose the auto-draft. These come in two varieties, Instant Snake Drafts and Season-Long Snake Drafts.

Star Fantasy Leagues’ Site Usability

The site is definitely themed to provide distinction, which some may find appealing or not, but it does give the site personality. The lobby looks busy with a large number of buttons to help you filter down the events you wish to look at. The minimum-maximum slider for the amount of buy-in you are interested in is a good idea, knowing what range you have to spend allows you to compare events. From the buttons you can select the type of league you want, its duration, what game type, style and number of players. Overall, the site is easy enough to use as newbie or expert enthusiastic player.

The site sports high quality statistics features and the room for drafting has great filtering functionality to help you home in on the players you want in your team. Players can be focused on by position, matchup and team and added to your roster. Usefully, you can export and import your lineups easily for pulling into the contests later.

The registration on Star Fantasy Leagues is more secure than most sites, with their collaboration with IDology and making it safer for regular players. Here you must identify yourself with your address details and last 4 digits of your SSN before you can start playing. This may seem excessive and intimidating for some players and will slow down their growth a little, but on the plus side you know that everyone who is in the system is more authentic and there are no duplicate accounts on there.

Star Fantasy Leagues’ Player Support

At a time when many companies cannot afford or be bothered to keep a chat facility on their sites it is great to see an active chat on the Star Fantasy League pages (just click on the ‘show chat’ tab on the right hand side of the page). This allows the members to chat to each other and build a sense of community, which really does build loyalty and fun to playing online. There is also the means of emailing support to get answers to whatever queries you might have, which is probably more useful when personal info needs to be communicated. There is a reasonable amount of FAQ or informational material on the site that explains much of what you need to know to enjoy playing there.

Star Fantasy League uses Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover as credit card means of depositing money, although withdrawals from all these can take a while because checks have to be posted. The other forms of transaction are PayPal, Dwolla and Skrill (used to be MoneyBookers) and these tend to be much easier and quicker to use. A delay of only one business day is suggested on the site for PayPal or Dwolla users.

The rake taken is a standard 10% of the lower entry fee events, however this goes down to 8% at $109 to 5% at $420.

Star Fantasy Leagues’ Incentives

Still building up their base of players and game there is a fair amount of action taking place in the Star Fantasy League lobby at any time you enter it from freerolls to $420 an event. There is also a sign up bonus at 20% of the deposit to being taking part here, all the way up to a maximum of $500 free.

Star Fantasy Leagues Summary

Star Fantasy Leagues are growing and getting better as the team behind them now become more established. They do not quite have the large events seen in more popular sites but there is always enough going on to keep the member occupied. The freerolls are good for getting the newbies more involved too.

Draftster Review

UPDATE: Draftster has been acquired by DraftKings! Please read our Draftkings review and sign up for an exclusive bonus using promo code “MOGUL”.

Draftster is currently the fifth most popular fantasy site but is still very new. It began life in April and was set up by the Victory Sports & Entertainment LLC who are based in Santa Monica, California. They grew very quickly and in the first 3 months of trading they gained more than 2,500 registered players. They did start off only with MLB fantasy sports but now they cater for all of the important football games and are expecting to payout $500,000 over this year’s NFL season.

They use the SportsData service for their statistical information and are a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), both important steps that many of the top quality fantasy sports sites take to ensure a good reputation among its members and peers. They also have affiliated themselves with Rotowire which is a well-known fantasy sports site in the industry.

Draftster’s Variety of Fantasy Football Games

Draftster cater for weekly and daily games and they have 4 different payout structures they they use, Winner Take All, Double Up, Top 3 and Promotional. The Winner Take All is standard industry overall winner takes the whole prize pool but the Double Up will mean the top 50% of the players winning the prize pool. Top 3 payout games are simply where the first, second and third winner receive a specific percentage of the winning at the end of the event. The Promotional type takes care of all the other types of contests that take place on Draftster. These contests will have their own rules on creation, including the big events that will have many players sharing the prizes. There is usually a number of free games every day but the buy-in on the other games can reach $1000.

They will have Guaranteed Prize Pool contests in the Lobby at any time that mean the member will get a prize no matter how many entrants make it to the contest and Freerols are a regular and very popular feature.

Draftster Site Usability

Draftster have a very clean site that allows you to concentrate on just the information that you need to, something a great many competitors seem to forget. Everyone who comes to this site notices there are no ads to distract you, the site just allows you to do what you came to do, play fantasy football. You will see of course the big game being announced on the Content Lobby but at least that is welcomed.

Registration is quick and simple and you get taken straight then to the Contest Lobby. At the top bar you can enter the Contest area, the default Contest Lobby page, or your Lineups, your contest Entries or your account. There are buttons to choose your sport and a two slider system to allow you to filter out buy-ins above and below your desired maximum and minimum amounts. The tabs on the Lobby then allow you to home in on the game type, 50/50, Multipliers, Leagues, Head-to-Head, Free or simply just All of them. They do have a free NFL Practice League for online fantasy football newbies to figure it all out and become expert at these contests, of course there are no prizes for winning this, just experience. The drafting of you team is nice and easy with a salary cap of $50,000 it is a simple case of selecting the Add Player buttons up to your limit.

Draftster also have a mobile site, which can be reached via the link at the bottom of the page, that allows all the site functions to render nicely on a smartphone or tablet device.

Draftster’s Player Support

Draftster has a well written FAQ section that they try to cover all the member questions with, however there is a phone and email backup should anyone need more support.

Deposits can be made to Draftster using MasterCard, Discover, Visa or PayPal. The minimum you can deposit is $10 but in any day this can go all the way up to $500 per day, for any high rollers however this can be increased again by sending in an email with scans of your driver’s license or ID, together with scans of the front and back of the credit card you use. Withdrawal minimum of $10 with no maximum and can take up to two to seven business days for it to go to your account, with checks for credit card accounts taking a week to deliver.

The rake at Draftsters is a straight 10% which is the industry standard.

Draftster’s Incentives

Draftster have a NFL Single Entry Showdown Event that has $30,000 worth of prizes to be shared out to the winners, with $6,000 of it to the overall winner on December 21st. There are a number of $5, $10 or $20 qualifiers that will allow member to take part. They do have a sign up bonus too of 100% up to $200 worth of deposit.

On entry to the site they also give you a free $5 contest entry voucher that can be used on any of the $5 events, but you do need to use it within a month of registering to take advantage of it.

Draftster Summary

Draftster is a newcomer this year but has drawn many newbies and enthusiasts alike very quickly to gain a popular standing in the industry. Their nice clean site with no adverts cluttering up the pages is a real winner there too. They put on some good events already with one already expecting to cover half a million dollars together with a good number of regular Freerolls paying out $500.  This is a good site to join in with early to see how they grow.