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We are your source for everything when it comes to daily fantasy football.  The wonderful pastime of fantasy football is big, free online pokies wheres the gold, and is played by possibly 33 million people each year according to the book of ra kostenlos spielen ohne anmeldung with some playing for money that amounts to about $15 billion. Not only are some playing out of shear joy of picking and playing the perfect uk slots, but each year it appears millionaires are being created. On the other side many simply use their skills and play fantasy football sites for money  and earn a little cash or just for social competitiveness playing among friends.  At fantasy football mogul we focus on daily fantasy football because that is where you can make big money every week.  Check out our reviews section to learn more about the top rated fantasy sites.

Why is Daily Fantasy Football becoming so popular?

The biggest reason daily fantasy football is so popular is because you can play every single week with a new team.  One of the biggest drawbacks to traditional fantasy football is that if your team sucks after 5-6 weeks you are usually done for the season.

In daily FF you start off with a budget.  Everyone starts with a salary cap.  You must pick your team using that salary cap.  Everyone has access to the same players, but you must manage your cap.  This brings out the skill in fantasy football and presents an opportunity for the people with the most skill to win some serious cash.  Check out our reviews page to learn about the best daily fantasy sports sites, and the variety of options that they offer.

Do You Play Daily Fantasy Football for a Whole Season?

With daily fantasy sports there is no season long commitment.  You can certainly play for an entire season, but if you only want to play for one week you can do that as well.  The beauty of it is that if you have decent fantasy skills you can start winning consistently.  There are a lot of people who play daily fantasy sports strictly for entertainment, and they don’t care if they lose their money.  It’s like playing poker on a cruise ship.  There are people who really know how to play, and then there are tourists who are just looking to get their next gambling fix.

Is it skill or luck?

Playing fantasy football is a game of skill.  That’s the primary reason why it is legal.  If you want to learn about to legalities of daily fantasy sports then visit our legality page.  It is very similar to poker in that there is an element of luck in the short term, but in the long term the best players will win.  If you can consistently find the diamonds in the rough and pick players for value then you will consistently beat out the competition.  One of the best games to play are 50/50 games.  This means if 1000 people enter there are 500 and 500 losers.  This is one of the games we recommend at Fantasy Football Mogul.

What is the Best Fantasy Football Site?

Fantasy football league sites  at the moment are evolving very fast and are becoming extremely popular with the players, each one adding a different flavor to the game. The best fantasy football site  at this moment is Fanduel with Draftkings and Statcash finishing right behind.

We have looked in depth at eleven of the most respected fantasy sites  . We looked at who they are, the contests and promotions they run and look at the practical aspects of using their sites. Take a good look around, there is lots of useful information, and see what you think is the best site for fantasy football  , you may be surprised by some of the innovations that other sites have, like ScoreStreak’s Perfect LineUp idea for example.

With the top rated fantasy football sites every day handing out prizes and winnings to those that just love playing the game then obviously you might wonder :-

Is Fantasy Football Legal?

We will not go into the details, we cover them properly on our Is It Legal page, but essentially – YES! – Well Mostly Yes! – It is after all a game of skill and not pot luck. Florida disagrees totally – sorry guys – you cannot play it online there. Also Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Vermont don’t agree with the payout of winnings for example, so it isn’t allowed there either. These states think it is more like gambling. Is it? Most other places it is legal – Check the Is It Legal page here to see if your state is excluded or not.